“Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa”


I had a really amazing Christmas/Birthday with my family and friends. The funny thing is, the holiday snuck up on me this year. Suddenly, it was the 23rd and I hadn’t even been in the same room  as a Christmas tree. I didn’t decorate, or bake. It was sort of a Christmas fail by most people’s standards. Boo me. But I feel as though I redeemed myself the day of. I took a million pictures for my mother who’s never in the pictures at Christmastime because she’s the usual photographer. I spent time with both of my nephews (and kissed their faces raw…RAW!!!!!). I drank Irish Car Bombs with my love and close friend the night before (Shout out to the sober driver, Jessica Garcia! She’s my hero). I ate no less than 26 chicken wings, but only one waffle. I also got some fantastic gifts! My boyfriend Christopher bought me the exact jacket I had just tried on at H&M, and in the right size!  Love him. My friend David gave me an artist gift set with canvas paper, brushes and acrylic paints! I was effing pumped! So….I made this! I also got to see an old friend of mine. All in all, a great weekend/Christmas/Birthday! Ready to see what the new year will bring….




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